Location - Michaella Studios on Naxos Island, Plaka


In front of the Michaella Studios, just a few steps away from the complex, lays one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece, Plaka Beach! The unique combination of blue sea with golden fine sand promises magical holidays that can combine both the intensity – there are water sports center for surfing skiing, diving schools – as well as peace because of the natural landscape that has undergone human intervention and remains intimate and friendly for all visitors. The bus stop is right outside the studios and the frequency of service is every ten minutes (high season). The Studios distance from the airport is 5 kilometers, from Chora (Naxos) at 6 km. Book easily and quickly your ferry tickets to Naxos Online


You can arrive to Naxos:


By plane:

You can fly directly to the Naxos airport Eleftherios Venizelos at about 30 minutes or you land on Santorini (Thira) and continue by boat, flying a daily basis.


By Sea:

Take the ferry from Piraeus is approximately 5 1/2 hours, the catamaran 3 1/2 hours, from Santorini is approximately 1 1/2 hour. Book your Ferry Tickets and Travel to Naxos!

Sister Accommodation

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